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Faces at the Farm



8day-2Jeff Roessing, Farm Manager

Jeff lives on 18th Street with his wife Melissa, and three children, Tsepo, Naomi, and McKenna. Jeff graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2004 and Western Theological Seminary in 2007.

Kyle Van Eerden, Town Center Manager

Kyle started as an intern in 2013 after graduating from Trinity Christian College in East Palos Heights, IL. Kyle also serves as an RD for residential life at Hope College.

Aubrey Poppen, Administrative Assistant

Aubrey is a 22 year old Holland native who lives on 19th St. She also works at O’Malley Chiropractic in town.


The Board of Directors

  • Karen Nordell Pearson, President
  • Edwardo Fuentes, Vice-President
  • Melanie Blank, Treasurer
  • Marjike Strong
  • Andrew Spidahl
  • Kallie Spidahl
  • Carter Baer
  • Andy Krino
  • Chris Linde
  • Bill VanAuken
  • Janelle Phillips