Beliefs: We believe God created the world in love, sent Jesus to restore the world to God’s design, and calls us through a creative Spirit to join him as he makes all things new.

Mission: Love the earth, love our food, and love our neighbors.

Vision: Our vision is to contribute to the restoration of the land and to the flourishing of communities so that all people have access to nutrient-dense food.

Core Values:

1. Holistic Education: We will be a resource for holistic education in our community that promotes ecological, personal and spiritual health.

2. Earth-Careful Practices: We understand that our ability to benefit our community requires us to be good neighbors by performing the best earth-careful practices.

3. Nutrient-Dense Foods: Taking good care of the earth will ensure we can grow and distribute nutrient-dense foods.

4. Hunger-Free West Michigan: We want everyone to have access to good food and are committed to giving at least 10% of what we grow to under-resourced individuals and families for a hunger-free West Michigan.

5. Vibrant, Flourishing Community: We believe that working together for better access to beautiful, delicious foods will nurture a vibrant, flourishing community in West Michigan.

6. Faithful Presence: We will work to become a vital and trustworthy part of our community by practicing a faithful presence among our neighbors.

7. Healthy Food Economy: We will advocate for a healthy food economy that utilizes more environmentally healthy methods.

8. Creative Partnerships: We will engage creative partnerships that can help us identify new and inspiring ways to inform our community and distribute our food.

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